Why wont my phone download pdf files

why wont my phone download pdf files

why wont my phone download pdf files

I too am experiencing the same problem, I am NOT ABLE TO OPEN PDF FILES (however the same file opens on all iOS and Android device perfectly fine with the same app ) on my OnePlus 3 phone ( Android version 6.0.1) and my acrobat reader version is 16.3.1. eagerly waiting for guidance to fix this is as soon as possible. Vishal

 · I have tried other pdf files and have the same problem. I can download the pdf file on my pc and I have checked with owners of the website and they confirm that no one else has reported having the same problem. This used to work for me but now it has stopped. I have tried the old turn it off and on again with the phone but that makes no difference

 · On your iPhone or iPad, you may have another app that’s causing the problem. What you can do is to try uninstalling your apps one by one until you find the problem app. Start uninstalling recently downloaded apps one by one. After removing each app, test to see if you can open the PDF file.

 · Solved: Cannot download the attached document PDF to my phone ? Can you tell me why please ?

 · If your Android device won’t download or install apps even after all these checks, it might be worth clearing the Store cache. This is a temporary storage where the Google Play Store saves all the data it uses and/or needs to function. It can become corrupted so is worth checking out if …

 · PDF files created by some non-Adobe products aren't structurally correct. Adobe Reader and Acrobat products try their best to open even such PDF files but they do differ in terms of the kind of such pdf files they are able to open.

HI Can someone help? I am unable to open pdf on my Huawei P20. The software is Android 9. is the message which displays everytime I …

 · Since the recent Windows Update Microsoft Edge won't let me download patterns from Yarnspirations.com. I've never had this problem before. These are Adobe PDF files. I don't believe it is specific to that particular site as they have checked and no one else is having a problem downloading their files plus if I switch to IE I can do the download ...

 · Why can’t I open PDF files on my Android phone? If you can’t view PDF documents on your device, check if the file is corrupted or encrypted. If that isn’t the case, use different reader apps, and see which one works for you. Where are my PDF Files? If the files that you have are from your Android browser, check the Downloads folder to find them. If the PDF that you’re looking for isn ...

I have a similar problem except I am creating links to other PDF files in the same folder. When I copy the PDF file out to the desktop on my PC, clicking on the links works fine and opens the next PDF in Acrobat. When I copy them to the iPad, the links don't work in Acrobat but they do work in Goodreader. How do I make the links I am adding to ...

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